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Solar Power for your Home

With more than 20 years in this industry, Solar Power Australia make setting up your home with grid feed solar power easy.

We manage the process and will work with you to ensure you have the right sized system for your household requirements.

Solar Energy Production

A grid feed solar system produces power that offsets usage within the house to reduce your total power consumption. It also feeds excess power back to the grid and you receive a credit towards your usage.

Solar Power Australia can examine your recent energy bills and design and install a quality solar power system that is matched to your energy usage patterns.

The most popular size solar power systems for an “average house” these are between 5kW and 8kW. These systems can save a good portion of your energy bill and, if correctly matched to your energy consumption, can achieve an investment payback time in as little as 3 to 5 years.

3.7kW Home Solar Power System

10 x 370W High Performance Solar Panels
3kW Sungrow Grid Inverter

12kWh per day average production
$900 per year typical savings

Average Installed Cost
$5,500 to $7,000 inc GST

6.56kW Home Solar Power System

18 x 370W High Performance Solar Panels
5kW Sungrow Grid Inverter

20kWh per day average production
$1450 per year typical savings

Average Installed Cost
$8,500 to $9,500 inc GST

8.2kW Home Solar Power System

22 x 370W High Performance Solar Panels
8kW Sungrow Grid Inverter

32kWh per day average production
$2300 per year typical savings

Average Installed Cost
$10,800 to $12,500 inc GST

10.6kW Home Solar Power System Great for EV Charging

30 x 370W High Performance Solar Panels
10kW Sungrow 3 Phase Grid Inverter

42kWh per day average production
$3040 per year typical savings

Average Installed Cost
$12,500 to $14,500 inc GST

The above indicative pricing includes approvals and installation for most house types. Various system sizes and custom solutions are available, please contact us for a quote to suit your requirements. This pricing includes GST. The final price has ‘Solar Credits’ (Small-scale Technology Certificates / STCs) funding taken into account. A price of $36.00 per STC has been used in the indicative pricing, and this value may vary.

Why We Use SunPower

Century Solar Power Pty Ltd believe quality products result in better business. A reliable system that offers maximum performance is a much better choice for the long term investment for your home.


SunPower offer a Complete Confidence Panel Warranty for hassle free repair, replacement or reimbursement for any defective panel for 25 years.

Product WarrantySunPower Complete
Confidence Warranty
Conventional Solar
Panel Warranty1
Panel25 Years10 Years
Power Output Warranty  
Year 097.5%97.5%
Yearly Decline0.5%0.7%
Year 2585.5%80.7%
Shipping – Old PanelYesNo2
Shipping – New PanelYesNo3
Installation – New PanelYesNo

(1) Representative of standard efficiency solar manufacturers. Competitor warranty information provided from latest warranty documentation from various conventional panel manufacturer websites as of October, 2019.
(2) Reimbursed if claim is deemed valid by manufacturer.
(3) Shipping new part covered by some conventional warranties.


SunPower Performance Panels are the most deployed shingled solar panel in the world. Innovative cell shingling mitigates the leading reliability challenges associated with conventional front contact panels by designing out fragile ribbons and solder bonds on the cells. SunPower stands behind its panels with its industry-leading Complete Confidence Warranty.


Solar Panels are a long term investment for any property. High performance solar panels use the latest technology to reduce losses from soiling and shading. A small percentage loss might not mean much initially, but over the 25 year life of a solar panel that means extra power production and more benefit to you. Check out the video below describing how SunPower’s solar panels are able to provide more power than competing brands.