Solar Street Lightning

Commercial & Industrial Lighting Solutions

Century Solar Power Pty Ltdhave over 12 years experience designing, supplying and installing renewable energy systems & lighting solutions for industry and business.

We provide relocatable solar lighting, stand-alone solar lighting and magnetic induction lighting solutions for a range of applications. Contact Us for the right advice on your next lighting project.

Temporary and Relocatable Solar Lighting

Century Solar Power Pty Ltd Relocatable Lighting Solutions allow you to light where you need it, when you need it. Our transportable, self contained solar lighting systems are perfect for a range of applications and environments.

Stand-Alone Solar Lighting

Stand-alone solar lighting is a clean and effective solution for sites where the cost or complication of mains cable installation is prohibitive. Stand-alone solar lighting is a superior option for remote lighting or areas with existing infrastructure which would significantly increase the cost of mains cable installation.

Stand-alone solar lighting is the most eco-friendly form of lighting and can be installed with little disruption to the environment in which it is placed.