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Buy Strophanthus gratus seed,strophanthus gratus originates from West Africa. Strophanthus gratus is a climbing plant that gets up to 8 m high, sometimes even higher. Strophanthus may also grow as a shrub in culture, the seeds of this species are the source of Ouabain. Strophanthus gratus bears latex like all members of the Apocynaceae, the dogbane family, do.

Buy Strophanthus gratus seed

The seeds contain the g- Strophanthin, a cardiac glycoside, which is like most cardiac glycosides very poisonous. Due to that Ouabain as medecine for heart disease treatment.

The substance is found in seeds of Strophanthus gratusone should handle the seeds with care. G-Strophanthin is identical to the substance Ouabain that is gained from the plants of the genus Acocanthera.

The natives of Africa tell the story that the ghost of the lion told them that Strophanthus gratus is very poisonous and can be used for hunting. Since then they threatened their arrows with this substances before they went hunting.

They hunted more effective doing so. Their prey got paralyzed and they were also able to hunt animals like elephants and other big animals. Until now one knows only one unidentified substance from the baobab that can be used as antidote.


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    good and dried strophantus gratus seeds

    good stuff, “snail mail” but good stuff

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