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After harvesting these seeds from the fresh fruit in June 2018, they will remain viable for 6 months minimum, some will also grow after one year, but as time goes by the germination rate will slowly decrease.
Do not store at fridge cool, iboga will die at temperatures below 8-10°C.
We found they germinated quickly here in the Dutch summer, and nearly all the seeds we tested were viable.
To germinate these semi dried seeds, the most important step is to soak them in water for 2 days to make sure the seedcoat becomes soft again. Then plant them about 1cm deep in soil, keep warm (above room temperature if possible) and keep moist for 4-6 weeks.
For the non-gardeners among us, these seeds containing the spirit of this powerful teacher plant are ideal as an amulet, or for placing on your altar.
Care and Cultivation of Tabernanthe iboga
Tabernanthe iboga likes a part shade position (50%) with rich soil and good drainage. Give regular applications of both liquid and solid fertiliser over summer. Likes a lot of root space, pot up regularly when you notice white roots coming out of the drainage holes. Keep Tabernanthe iboga plants in a warmer area over winter months, and also keep more dry as they tend to stop growing and can lose most of their leaves as well.
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  1. Andrew

    Hi there im really happy i got the plant and it is now growing well in my garden thanks a lot i willrecommend

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